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Dom De Iludir by Caetano Veloso

This document is a chord chart.

:title Dom De Iludir :artist Caetano Veloso :flavor chords :genre Latin :style Latin-Brazil: Samba :tempo 200 :key A (A) [ 4/4 AMaj9 ; G-7 C13 ; FMaj7 ; D13 D7b9#5 ; G-9 ; Bb-9 Eb9 ; AbMaj9 Ab6 ; Ab9sus Ab7b9#5 (B) ;; DbMaj9 ; B-9 E7b9#5 ; AMaj9 ; G13 F#7b9#5 ; B13 B9 ; E13sus E7b9 ; AMaj9 F#7#9#5 (=tr To Coda) ; B-9 E13b9 ] (=tl 5x) ;; B-9 (=tr To Coda) E13b9 ; AMaj9