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54 Blues
150 Brazilian
50 Country
1350 Jazz
50 Latin
8 More Blues Exercises
34 Pink Floyd
403 Pop
15 Reggae
10 Ted Green Blues Progressions
71 The Beatles
38 The Grateful Dead
379 The Real Book - Volume 1
418 The Real Book - Volume 2
291 The Real Book - Volume 3
372 Unfiled

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All Your Love  Otis Rush  Chord ChartLyricsAll Your Love chords
Blues and Booze  Ma Rainey  Chord ChartLyricsBlues and Booze chords
Born Under A Bad Sign  Albert KIng  Chord ChartLyricsBorn Under A Bad Sign chords
Five Long Years  Eddie Boyd  Chord ChartLyricsFive Long Years chords
Folsom Prison Blues  Johnny Cash  Chord ChartLyricsFolsom Prison Blues chords
Forty Days And Forty Nights  Bernard Roth  Chord ChartLyricsForty Days And Forty Nights chords
I Can't Quit You Baby  Willie Dixon  Chord ChartLyricsI Can't Quit You Baby chords
I Just Want To Make Love To You  Willie Dixon  Chord ChartLyricsI Just Want To Make Love To You chords
I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man  Willie Dixon  Chord ChartLyricsI'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man chords
It's My Own Fault (Newport)  Hooker Lee John  Chord ChartLyricsIt's My Own Fault (Newport) chords
Kindhearted Woman Blues  Robert Johnson  Chord ChartLyricsKindhearted Woman Blues chords
Rollin' And Tumblin' (1950)  Muddy Waters  Chord ChartLyricsRollin' And Tumblin' (1950) chords

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Ai,Ai,Ai,Ai,Ai,Ai  Ivan Lins  Chord ChartLyricsAi,Ai,Ai,Ai,Ai,Ai chords
Aos Nossos Filhos  Ivan Lins  Chord ChartLyricsAos Nossos Filhos chords
Aquarela Do Brasil (a.k.a. Brazil)  Ary Barroso  Chord ChartLyricsAquarela Do Brasil (a.k.a. Brazil) chords
Aquele Um  Djavan  Chord ChartLyricsAquele Um chords
As Rosas Nao Falam  Cartola  Chord ChartLyricsAs Rosas Nao Falam chords
Baila Comigo  Rita Lee  Chord ChartLyricsBaila Comigo chords
Baía (a.k.a.Bahia)  Ary Barroso  Chord ChartLyricsBaía (a.k.a.Bahia) chords
Começar De Novo (The Island)  Ivan Lins  Chord ChartLyricsComeçar De Novo (The Island) chords
Deirdre's Samba (Quem Te Viu, Quem Te Ve)  Chico Buarque  Chord ChartLyricsDeirdre's Samba (Quem Te Viu, Quem Te Ve) chords
Dinorah, Dinorah  Ivan Lins  Chord ChartLyricsDinorah, Dinorah chords
Doce Presença  Ivan Lins  Chord ChartLyricsDoce Presença chords
Dolphin, The  Luiz Eca  Chord ChartLyricsDolphin, The chords
Embola A Bola  Djavan  Chord ChartLyricsEmbola A Bola chords
Fato Consumado  Djavan  Chord ChartLyricsFato Consumado chords
Flor De Lis  Djavan  Chord ChartLyricsFlor De Lis chords
Gentle Rain, The  Luiz Bonfa  Chord ChartLyricsGentle Rain, The chords
Guarde Nos Olhos  Ivan Lins  Chord ChartLyricsGuarde Nos Olhos chords
Incompatibilidade De Gênios  João Bosco  Chord ChartLyricsIncompatibilidade De Gênios chords
Lanterna Dos Afogados  Matheus Lucas  Chord ChartLyricsLanterna Dos Afogados chords
Leva E Traz (Elis)  Ivan Lins  Chord ChartLyricsLeva E Traz (Elis) chords
Linha Do Equador  Djavan  Chord ChartLyricsLinha Do Equador chords
Malasia  Djavan  Chord ChartLyricsMalasia chords
Manha De Carnaval (Black Orpheus)  Luiz Bonfa  Chord ChartLyricsManha De Carnaval (Black Orpheus) chords
Maria Das Mercedes  Djavan  Chord ChartLyricsMaria Das Mercedes chords
Me Deixa Em Paz  Ivan Lins  Chord ChartLyricsMe Deixa Em Paz chords
Monster And The Flower, The  Claudio Roditi  Chord ChartLyricsMonster And The Flower, The chords
Muito Obrigado  Djavan  Chord ChartLyricsMuito Obrigado chords
O Tempo Me Guardou você  Ivan Lins  Chord ChartLyricsO Tempo Me Guardou você chords
Samba Dobrado  Djavan  Chord ChartLyricsSamba Dobrado chords
Samurai  Djavan  Chord ChartLyricsSamurai chords
Serrado  Djavan  Chord ChartLyricsSerrado chords
So Nice (Summer Samba)  Marco Valles  Chord ChartLyricsSo Nice (Summer Samba) chords
Tens (Calmaria)  Ivan Lins  Chord ChartLyricsTens (Calmaria) chords
Ventos Do Norte  Djavan  Chord ChartLyricsVentos Do Norte chords
Zingaro (Retrato Em Branco E Preto)  Antonio-Carlos Jobim  Chord ChartLyricsZingaro (Retrato Em Branco E Preto) chords

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Blue Moon of Kentucky  Bill Monroe  Chord ChartLyricsBlue Moon of Kentucky chords
Can the Circle Be Unbroken (1935)  Family Carter The  Chord ChartLyricsCan the Circle Be Unbroken (1935) chords
Coal Miner's Daughter  Loretta Lynn  Chord ChartLyricsCoal Miner's Daughter chords
Don't Come Home Drinkin'  Loretta Lynn  Chord ChartLyricsDon't Come Home Drinkin' chords
I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow  Carter Stanley  Chord ChartLyricsI Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow chords
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry  Hank Williams  Chord ChartLyricsI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry chords
Jambalaya (On The Bayou)  Hank Williams  Chord ChartLyricsJambalaya (On The Bayou) chords
Legend Of Bonnie And Clyde, The  Merle Haggard  Chord ChartLyricsLegend Of Bonnie And Clyde, The chords
Mind Your Own Business  Hank Williams  Chord ChartLyricsMind Your Own Business chords
Sixteen Tons (1947)  Merle Travis  Chord ChartLyricsSixteen Tons (1947) chords
Year That Clayton Delaney Died, The  Tom Hall  Chord ChartLyricsYear That Clayton Delaney Died, The chords

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A Beautiful Friendship  Donald Kahn  Chord ChartLyricsA Beautiful Friendship chords
A Child Is Born  Thad Jones  Chord ChartLyricsA Child Is Born chords
A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing  Billy Strayhorn  Chord ChartLyricsA Flower Is A Lovesome Thing chords
A Ghost Of A Chance  Victor Young  Chord ChartLyricsA Ghost Of A Chance chords
A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening  Jimmy McHugh  Chord ChartLyricsA Lovely Way To Spend An Evening chords
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square  Manning Sherwin  Chord ChartLyricsA Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square chords
A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsA Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody chords
A Sound For Sore Ears  Jimmy Heath  Chord ChartLyricsA Sound For Sore Ears chords
A Tisket A Tasket  Traditional  Chord ChartLyricsA Tisket A Tasket chords
A Wonderful Day Like Today  Bricusse-Newley  Chord ChartLyricsA Wonderful Day Like Today chords
Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive  Harold Arlen  Chord ChartLyricsAc-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive chords
Across The Alley From The Alamo  Joe Greene  Chord ChartLyricsAcross The Alley From The Alamo chords
Afternoon In Paris  John Lewis  Chord ChartLyricsAfternoon In Paris chords
Ain't Misbehavin'  Fats Waller  Chord ChartLyricsAin't Misbehavin' chords
Alexander's Ragtime Band  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsAlexander's Ragtime Band chords
Alice In Wonderland  Sammy Fain  Chord ChartLyricsAlice In Wonderland chords
All About Ronnie  Joe Greene  Chord ChartLyricsAll About Ronnie chords
All God's Chillun Got Rhythm  Kahn-Kaper  Chord ChartLyricsAll God's Chillun Got Rhythm chords
All Or Nothing At All  Arthur Altman  Chord ChartLyricsAll Or Nothing At All chords
All The Things You Are  Jerome Kern  Chord ChartLyricsAll The Things You Are chords
All Through The Night  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsAll Through The Night chords
Almost Like Being In Love  Frederick Loewe  Chord ChartLyricsAlmost Like Being In Love chords
Always And Forever  Pat Metheny  Chord ChartLyricsAlways And Forever chords
And The Angels Sing  Ziggy Elman  Chord ChartLyricsAnd The Angels Sing chords
At Long Last Love  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsAt Long Last Love chords
Autumn In New York  Vernon Duke  Chord ChartLyricsAutumn In New York chords
Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are  Thelonious Monk  Chord ChartLyricsBa-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are chords
Be Careful It's My Heart  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsBe Careful It's My Heart chords
Begin The Beguine  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsBegin The Beguine chords
Best Is Yet To Come (Page 1), The  Cy Coleman  Chord ChartLyricsBest Is Yet To Come (Page 1), The chords
Best Is Yet To Come (Page 2), The  Cy Coleman  Chord ChartLyricsBest Is Yet To Come (Page 2), The chords
Best Thing For You Is Me, The  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsBest Thing For You Is Me, The chords
Better Days Ahead  Pat Metheny  Chord ChartLyricsBetter Days Ahead chords
Better Git It In Your Soul  Charles Mingus  Chord ChartLyricsBetter Git It In Your Soul chords
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea  Harold Arlen  Chord ChartLyricsBetween The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea chords
Bill's Hit Tune  Bill Evans  Chord ChartLyricsBill's Hit Tune chords
Birth Of The Blues, The  Ray Henderson  Chord ChartLyricsBirth Of The Blues, The chords
Blackberry Winter  Alec Wilder  Chord ChartLyricsBlackberry Winter chords
Blame It On My Youth  Oscar Levant  Chord ChartLyricsBlame It On My Youth chords
Blue Turning Grey Over You  Fats Waller  Chord ChartLyricsBlue Turning Grey Over You chords
Bouncin' With Bud  Bud Powell  Chord ChartLyricsBouncin' With Bud chords
Bourbon Street Parade  Paul Barbarin  Chord ChartLyricsBourbon Street Parade chords
Brazil (Aquarela Do Brasil)  Ary Barroso  Chord ChartLyricsBrazil (Aquarela Do Brasil) chords
Brother Can You Spare A Dime  Yarburg-Gorney  Chord ChartLyricsBrother Can You Spare A Dime chords
Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man  Jerome Kern  Chord ChartLyricsCan't Help Lovin' Dat Man chords
Can't We Be Friends  Swift-James  Chord ChartLyricsCan't We Be Friends chords
Come Rain Or Come Shine  Harold Arlen  Chord ChartLyricsCome Rain Or Come Shine chords
Conference Of The Birds  Dave Holland  Chord ChartLyricsConference Of The Birds chords
Crazy He Calls Me  Carl Sigman  Chord ChartLyricsCrazy He Calls Me chords
Dance Of The Infidels  Bud Powell  Chord ChartLyricsDance Of The Infidels chords
Day In, Day Out  Rube Bloom  Chord ChartLyricsDay In, Day Out chords
Days And Nights Waiting  Keith Jarrett  Chord ChartLyricsDays And Nights Waiting chords
Days Of Wine And Roses  Henry Mancini  Chord ChartLyricsDays Of Wine And Roses chords
Dear Old Stockholm  Traditional  Chord ChartLyricsDear Old Stockholm chords
Do Nothin' Til You Hear From Me  Duke Ellington  Chord ChartLyricsDo Nothin' Til You Hear From Me chords
Do You Know What It Means?  Louis Alter  Chord ChartLyricsDo You Know What It Means? chords
Dolphin, The  Luiz Eca  Chord ChartLyricsDolphin, The chords
Don't Fence Me In  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsDon't Fence Me In chords
Don't Get Around Much Anymore  Duke Ellington  Chord ChartLyricsDon't Get Around Much Anymore chords
Don't Misunderstand  Gordon Parks  Chord ChartLyricsDon't Misunderstand chords
Don't Take Your Love From Me  Henry Nemo  Chord ChartLyricsDon't Take Your Love From Me chords
Don't Worry 'Bout Me  Rube Bloom  Chord ChartLyricsDon't Worry 'Bout Me chords
Down By The Riverside  Traditional  Chord ChartLyricsDown By The Riverside chords
Down In The Depths  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsDown In The Depths chords
End Of A Love Affair, The  Edward Redding  Chord ChartLyricsEnd Of A Love Affair, The chords
Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsEv'ry Time We Say Goodbye chords
Everybody's Song But My Own  Kenny Wheeler  Chord ChartLyricsEverybody's Song But My Own chords
Everything Happens To Me  Matt Dennis  Chord ChartLyricsEverything Happens To Me chords
Everything I Have Is Yours  Burton Lane  Chord ChartLyricsEverything I Have Is Yours chords
Everything I Love  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsEverything I Love chords
Everything I've Got Belongs To You  Rodgers-Hart  Chord ChartLyricsEverything I've Got Belongs To You chords
Falling In Love With Love  Richard Rodgers  Chord ChartLyricsFalling In Love With Love chords
Fantasy in D (or Ugetsu)  Cedar Walton  Chord ChartLyricsFantasy in D (or Ugetsu) chords
Fine And Dandy  Kay Swift  Chord ChartLyricsFine And Dandy chords
Fly Me To The Moon  Bart Howard  Chord ChartLyricsFly Me To The Moon chords
Folks Who Live On The Hill, The  Jerome Kern  Chord ChartLyricsFolks Who Live On The Hill, The chords
For All We Know  Fred Coots  Chord ChartLyricsFor All We Know chords
For Sentimental Reasons  William Best  Chord ChartLyricsFor Sentimental Reasons chords
For You, For Me, For Evermore  George Gershwin  Chord ChartLyricsFor You, For Me, For Evermore chords
Freddie Freeloader  Miles Davis  Chord ChartLyricsFreddie Freeloader chords
From This Moment On  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsFrom This Moment On chords
Funk In Deep Freeze  Hank Mobley  Chord ChartLyricsFunk In Deep Freeze chords
Gary's Notebook  Lee Morgan  Chord ChartLyricsGary's Notebook chords
Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You  Don Redman  Chord ChartLyricsGee Baby, Ain't I Good To You chords
Gentle Rain, The  Luiz Bonfa  Chord ChartLyricsGentle Rain, The chords
Gentle Wind And Falling Tear  Gary Burton  Chord ChartLyricsGentle Wind And Falling Tear chords
Get Me To The Church On Time  Alan Lerner  Chord ChartLyricsGet Me To The Church On Time chords
Give Me The Simple Life  Rube Bloom  Chord ChartLyricsGive Me The Simple Life chords
Glory Of Love, The  Billy Hill  Chord ChartLyricsGlory Of Love, The chords
Gravy Waltz, The  Ray Brown  Chord ChartLyricsGravy Waltz, The chords
Hallelujah I Just Love Him So  Ray Charles  Chord ChartLyricsHallelujah I Just Love Him So chords
Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe  Harold Arlen  Chord ChartLyricsHappiness Is A Thing Called Joe chords
Happy Little Sunbeam  Russ Freeman  Chord ChartLyricsHappy Little Sunbeam chords
Here's That Sunny Day  Barney Kessel  Chord ChartLyricsHere's That Sunny Day chords
How Are Things In Glocca Morra  Burton Lane  Chord ChartLyricsHow Are Things In Glocca Morra chords
How Deep Is The Ocean  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsHow Deep Is The Ocean chords
How Long Has This Been Going On?  George Gershwin  Chord ChartLyricsHow Long Has This Been Going On? chords
I Can't Believe...You're In Love...  Jimmy McHugh  Chord ChartLyricsI Can't Believe...You're In Love... chords
I Can't Get Started  Vernon Duke  Chord ChartLyricsI Can't Get Started chords
I Can't Give You Anything But Love  Jimmy McHugh  Chord ChartLyricsI Can't Give You Anything But Love chords
I Concentrate On You  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsI Concentrate On You chords
I Could Have Danced All Night  Frederick Loewe  Chord ChartLyricsI Could Have Danced All Night chords
I Cover The Waterfront  Johnny Green  Chord ChartLyricsI Cover The Waterfront chords
I Didn't Know About You  Duke Ellington  Chord ChartLyricsI Didn't Know About You chords
I Didn't Know What Time It Was  Richard Rodgers  Chord ChartLyricsI Didn't Know What Time It Was chords
I Don't Know Enough About You  Peggy Lee  Chord ChartLyricsI Don't Know Enough About You chords
I Don't Want To Miss Mississippi  Serger Ellis  Chord ChartLyricsI Don't Want To Miss Mississippi chords
I Fall In Love Too Easily  Jule Styne  Chord ChartLyricsI Fall In Love Too Easily chords
I Get A Kick Out Of You  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsI Get A Kick Out Of You chords
I Got The Sun In The Morning  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsI Got The Sun In The Morning chords
I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues  Harold Arlen  Chord ChartLyricsI Gotta Right To Sing The Blues chords
I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry  Jule Styne  Chord ChartLyricsI Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry chords
I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan  Arthur Schwartz  Chord ChartLyricsI Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan chords
I Hadn't Anyone Till You  Ray Noble  Chord ChartLyricsI Hadn't Anyone Till You chords
I Left My Heart In San Francisco  George Cory  Chord ChartLyricsI Left My Heart In San Francisco chords
I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart  Duke Ellington  Chord ChartLyricsI Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart chords
I Like The Likes Of You  Vernon Duke  Chord ChartLyricsI Like The Likes Of You chords
I Only Have Eyes For You  Harry Warren  Chord ChartLyricsI Only Have Eyes For You chords
I Remember Clifford  Benny Golson  Chord ChartLyricsI Remember Clifford chords
I See Your Face Before Me  Arthur Schwartz  Chord ChartLyricsI See Your Face Before Me chords
I Used To Be Color Blind  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsI Used To Be Color Blind chords
I Want To Talk About You  Billy Eckstine  Chord ChartLyricsI Want To Talk About You chords
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free  Billy Taylor  Chord ChartLyricsI Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free chords
I Wish I Were In Love Again  Richard Rodgers  Chord ChartLyricsI Wish I Were In Love Again chords
I'll Be Seeing You  Sammy Fain  Chord ChartLyricsI'll Be Seeing You chords
I'll Close My Eyes  Reid-Kaye  Chord ChartLyricsI'll Close My Eyes chords
I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)  Ahlert-Turk  Chord ChartLyricsI'll Get By (As Long As I Have You) chords
I'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her  Cahn-VanHeusen  Chord ChartLyricsI'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her chords
I'll Remember April  Raye-DePaul  Chord ChartLyricsI'll Remember April chords
I'll See You In My Dreams  Jones-Kahn  Chord ChartLyricsI'll See You In My Dreams chords
I'll Take Romance  Ben Oakland  Chord ChartLyricsI'll Take Romance chords
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows  Harry Carroll  Chord ChartLyricsI'm Always Chasing Rainbows chords
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You  George Bassman  Chord ChartLyricsI'm Getting Sentimental Over You chords
I'm Glad There Is You  Jimmy Dorsey  Chord ChartLyricsI'm Glad There Is You chords
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter  Fred Ahlert  Chord ChartLyricsI'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter chords
I'm In The Mood For Love  Jimmy McHugh  Chord ChartLyricsI'm In The Mood For Love chords
I'm Just A Lucky So-And-So  Duke Ellington  Chord ChartLyricsI'm Just A Lucky So-And-So chords
I'm Old Fashioned  Jerome Kern  Chord ChartLyricsI'm Old Fashioned chords
I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsI'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket chords
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsI've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm chords
I've Got The World On A String  Harold Arlen  Chord ChartLyricsI've Got The World On A String chords
I've Got You Under My Skin  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsI've Got You Under My Skin chords
I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face  Frederick Loewe  Chord ChartLyricsI've Grown Accustomed To Her Face chords
I've Heard That Song Before  Jule Styne  Chord ChartLyricsI've Heard That Song Before chords
I've Never Been In Love Before  Frank Loesser  Chord ChartLyricsI've Never Been In Love Before chords
I've Told Eve'ry Little Star  Jerome Kern  Chord ChartLyricsI've Told Eve'ry Little Star chords
If Ever I Would Leave You  Frederick Loewe  Chord ChartLyricsIf Ever I Would Leave You chords
If I Could Be With You  James Johnson  Chord ChartLyricsIf I Could Be With You chords
If There Is Someone Lovelier  Dietz-Schwartz  Chord ChartLyricsIf There Is Someone Lovelier chords
If You Could See Me Now  Tadd Dameron  Chord ChartLyricsIf You Could See Me Now chords
If You Ever Should Leave  Cahn-Chaplin  Chord ChartLyricsIf You Ever Should Leave chords
In A Mellow Tone (In A Mellotone)  Duke Ellington  Chord ChartLyricsIn A Mellow Tone (In A Mellotone) chords
In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town  Little-Siras  Chord ChartLyricsIn A Shanty In Old Shanty Town chords
In Pursuit Of The 27th Man  Horace Silver  Chord ChartLyricsIn Pursuit Of The 27th Man chords
In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening  Hoagy Carmichael  Chord ChartLyricsIn The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening chords
In The Middle Of A Kiss  Sam Coslow  Chord ChartLyricsIn The Middle Of A Kiss chords
In The Still Of The Night  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsIn The Still Of The Night chords
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning  Mann-Hilliard  Chord ChartLyricsIn The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning chords
In Your Own Sweet Way  Dave Brubeck  Chord ChartLyricsIn Your Own Sweet Way chords
Indiana (Back Home Again In)  James Hanley  Chord ChartLyricsIndiana (Back Home Again In) chords
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (Ma' Baby)  Austin-Jordan  Chord ChartLyricsIs You Is Or Is You Ain't (Ma' Baby) chords
Isn't It A Lovely Day (To Be Caught In The Rain)  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsIsn't It A Lovely Day (To Be Caught In The Rain) chords
It Might As Well Be Spring  Richard Rodgers  Chord ChartLyricsIt Might As Well Be Spring chords
It Only Happens When I Dance With You  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsIt Only Happens When I Dance With You chords
It Was So Good While It Lasted  Poll-Ackers  Chord ChartLyricsIt Was So Good While It Lasted chords
It's A Big Wide Wonderful World  John Rox  Chord ChartLyricsIt's A Big Wide Wonderful World chords
It's A Good Day  Peggy Lee  Chord ChartLyricsIt's A Good Day chords
It's A Lovely Day Today  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsIt's A Lovely Day Today chords
It's All Right With Me  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsIt's All Right With Me chords
It's Been A Long Long Time  Jule Styne  Chord ChartLyricsIt's Been A Long Long Time chords
It's Only a Paper Moon  Harold Arlen  Chord ChartLyricsIt's Only a Paper Moon chords
It's You Or No One  Jule Styne  Chord ChartLyricsIt's You Or No One chords
Jumpin With Symphony Sid  Lester Young  Chord ChartLyricsJumpin With Symphony Sid chords
Just One Of Those Things  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsJust One Of Those Things chords
Just You, Just Me  Jesse Greer  Chord ChartLyricsJust You, Just Me chords
Katrina Ballerina  Woody Shaw  Chord ChartLyricsKatrina Ballerina chords
Kids Are Pretty People  Thad Jones  Chord ChartLyricsKids Are Pretty People chords
Lady's In Love With You, The  Burton Lane  Chord ChartLyricsLady's In Love With You, The chords
Last Night When We Were Young  Harold Arlen  Chord ChartLyricsLast Night When We Were Young chords
Last Time I Saw Paris, The  Henry Mancini  Chord ChartLyricsLast Time I Saw Paris, The chords
Let There Be Love  Rand-Grant  Chord ChartLyricsLet There Be Love chords
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off  George Gershwin  Chord ChartLyricsLet's Call The Whole Thing Off chords
Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsLet's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) chords
Let's Face The Music And Dance  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsLet's Face The Music And Dance chords
Let's Get Away From It All  Dennis-Adair  Chord ChartLyricsLet's Get Away From It All chords
Lily of The Valley  Traditional  Chord ChartLyricsLily of The Valley chords
Little Chicago Fire  Frank Foster  Chord ChartLyricsLittle Chicago Fire chords
Lone Jack (Page 1)  Pat Metheny  Chord ChartLyricsLone Jack (Page 1) chords
Lone Jack (Page 2 - Solos)  Pat Metheny  Chord ChartLyricsLone Jack (Page 2 - Solos) chords
Long Ago And Far Away  Jerome Kern  Chord ChartLyricsLong Ago And Far Away chords
Look For The Silver Lining  Jerome Kern  Chord ChartLyricsLook For The Silver Lining chords
Look To The Rainbow  Burton Lane  Chord ChartLyricsLook To The Rainbow chords
Love Is Just Around The Corner  Lewis Gensler  Chord ChartLyricsLove Is Just Around The Corner chords
Lulu's Back In Town  Harry Warren  Chord ChartLyricsLulu's Back In Town chords
Make Someone Happy  Jule Styne  Chord ChartLyricsMake Someone Happy chords
Man That Got Away, The  Harold Arlen  Chord ChartLyricsMan That Got Away, The chords
Manha De Carnaval (Black Orpheus)  Luiz Bonfa  Chord ChartLyricsManha De Carnaval (Black Orpheus) chords
Manoir De Mes Rêves (Django's Castle)  Django Reinhardt  Chord ChartLyricsManoir De Mes Rêves (Django's Castle) chords
Masquerade Is Over, The  Allie Wrubel  Chord ChartLyricsMasquerade Is Over, The chords
Maybe I Should Change My Ways  Duke Ellington  Chord ChartLyricsMaybe I Should Change My Ways chords
Meaning Of The Blues, The  Worth-Troup  Chord ChartLyricsMeaning Of The Blues, The chords
Mercy Mercy Mercy  Joe Zawinul  Chord ChartLyricsMercy Mercy Mercy chords
Moments To Remember  Robert Allen  Chord ChartLyricsMoments To Remember chords
Moonlight Saving Time  Irving Kahal  Chord ChartLyricsMoonlight Saving Time chords
More I See You, The  Harry Warren  Chord ChartLyricsMore I See You, The chords
Morgan The Pirate  Lee Morgan  Chord ChartLyricsMorgan The Pirate chords
My Heart Belongs To Daddy  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsMy Heart Belongs To Daddy chords
My One And Only Love  Wood-Mellin  Chord ChartLyricsMy One And Only Love chords
Nancy (With The Laughing Face)  Jimmy Van-Heusen  Chord ChartLyricsNancy (With The Laughing Face) chords
New York, New York  John Kander  Chord ChartLyricsNew York, New York chords
Nice Work If You Can Get It  George Gershwin  Chord ChartLyricsNice Work If You Can Get It chords
Night Has A Thousand Eyes, The  Jerry-Brainin  Chord ChartLyricsNight Has A Thousand Eyes, The chords
Night We Called It A Day, The  Matt Dennis  Chord ChartLyricsNight We Called It A Day, The chords
Nobody Else But Me  Jerome Kern  Chord ChartLyricsNobody Else But Me chords
Nostalgia In Times Square  Charles Mingus  Chord ChartLyricsNostalgia In Times Square chords
Odd Couple, The  Neal Hefti  Chord ChartLyricsOdd Couple, The chords
Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'  Richard Rodgers  Chord ChartLyricsOh, What A Beautiful Mornin' chords
On A Slow Boat To China  Frank Loesser  Chord ChartLyricsOn A Slow Boat To China chords
On The Street Where You Live  Frederick Loewe  Chord ChartLyricsOn The Street Where You Live chords
On The Sunny Side Of The Street  Jimmy McHugh  Chord ChartLyricsOn The Sunny Side Of The Street chords
One Foot In The Gutter  Clark Terry  Chord ChartLyricsOne Foot In The Gutter chords
One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else), The  Isham Jones  Chord ChartLyricsOne I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else), The chords
Only Trust Your Heart  Benny Carter  Chord ChartLyricsOnly Trust Your Heart chords
Over The Rainbow (Somewhere)  Harold Arlen  Chord ChartLyricsOver The Rainbow (Somewhere) chords
Parisian Thoroughfare  Bud Powell  Chord ChartLyricsParisian Thoroughfare chords
People Will Say We're In Love  Richard Rodgers  Chord ChartLyricsPeople Will Say We're In Love chords
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps  Farres-Davis  Chord ChartLyricsPerhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps chords
Pfrancing (No Blues)  Miles Davis  Chord ChartLyricsPfrancing (No Blues) chords
Puttin' On The Ritz  Irvin Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsPuttin' On The Ritz chords
Quasimodo (Blowing Changes)  Charlie Parker  Chord ChartLyricsQuasimodo (Blowing Changes) chords
Question And Answer  Pat Metheny  Chord ChartLyricsQuestion And Answer chords
Re: Person I Knew  Bill Evans  Chord ChartLyricsRe: Person I Knew chords
Saga Of Harrison Crabfeathers, The  Steve Kuhn  Chord ChartLyricsSaga Of Harrison Crabfeathers, The chords
Save Your Love For Me  Buddy Johnson  Chord ChartLyricsSave Your Love For Me chords
Say It (Over And Over Again)  Frank Loesser  Chord ChartLyricsSay It (Over And Over Again) chords
Say the Brother's Name  Pat Metheny  Chord ChartLyricsSay the Brother's Name chords
Scotch And Soda  Dave Guard  Chord ChartLyricsScotch And Soda chords
Scrapple From The Apple  Charlie Parker  Chord ChartLyricsScrapple From The Apple chords
Second Star To The Right, The  Sammy Fain  Chord ChartLyricsSecond Star To The Right, The chords
September In The Rain  Harry Warren  Chord ChartLyricsSeptember In The Rain chords
Serenade To A Cuckoo  Roland Kirk  Chord ChartLyricsSerenade To A Cuckoo chords
Serenade To A Soul Sister  Horace Silver  Chord ChartLyricsSerenade To A Soul Sister chords
Shadow Of Your Smile, The  Johnny Mandel  Chord ChartLyricsShadow Of Your Smile, The chords
Skating In Central Park  John Lewis  Chord ChartLyricsSkating In Central Park chords
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes  Jerome Kern  Chord ChartLyricsSmoke Gets In Your Eyes chords
So Nice (Summer Samba)  Marco Valles  Chord ChartLyricsSo Nice (Summer Samba) chords
Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise  Sigmund Romberg  Chord ChartLyricsSoftly, As In A Morning Sunrise chords
Someday (You'll Be Sorry)  Louis Armstrong  Chord ChartLyricsSomeday (You'll Be Sorry) chords
Someday My Prince Will Come  Frank Churchill  Chord ChartLyricsSomeday My Prince Will Come chords
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most  Tommy Wolf  Chord ChartLyricsSpring Can Really Hang You Up The Most chords
St. James Infirmary  Joe Primrose  Chord ChartLyricsSt. James Infirmary chords
St. Louis Blues  W.C. Handy  Chord ChartLyricsSt. Louis Blues chords
Stairway To The Stars  Matt Maineck  Chord ChartLyricsStairway To The Stars chords
Stars Fell On Alabama  Frank Perkins  Chord ChartLyricsStars Fell On Alabama chords
Stella By Starlight  Victor Young  Chord ChartLyricsStella By Starlight chords
Straighten Up And Fly Right  Cole-Mills  Chord ChartLyricsStraighten Up And Fly Right chords
Subconscious Lee  Lee Konitz  Chord ChartLyricsSubconscious Lee chords
Summer In Central Park  Horace Silver  Chord ChartLyricsSummer In Central Park chords
Surrey With The Fringe On The Top  Richard Rodgers  Chord ChartLyricsSurrey With The Fringe On The Top chords
Sweet Sue, Just You  Harris-Young  Chord ChartLyricsSweet Sue, Just You chords
Taking A Chance On Love  Vernon Duke  Chord ChartLyricsTaking A Chance On Love chords
Tell me a bedtime story  Herbie Hancock  Chord ChartLyricsTell me a bedtime story chords
Thanks For The Memory  Leo Robin  Chord ChartLyricsThanks For The Memory chords
That Old Black Magic  Harold Arlen  Chord ChartLyricsThat Old Black Magic chords
That Old Devil Called Love  Doris Fisher  Chord ChartLyricsThat Old Devil Called Love chords
That Old Feeling  Brown-Fain  Chord ChartLyricsThat Old Feeling chords
There Is No Greater Love  Isham Jones  Chord ChartLyricsThere Is No Greater Love chords
There Will Never Be Another You  Harry Warren  Chord ChartLyricsThere Will Never Be Another You chords
There'll Be Some Changes Made  Benton Overstreet  Chord ChartLyricsThere'll Be Some Changes Made chords
There's A Lull In My Life  Harry Revel  Chord ChartLyricsThere's A Lull In My Life chords
They Can't Take That Away From Me  George Gershwin  Chord ChartLyricsThey Can't Take That Away From Me chords
They Didn't Believe Me  Jerome Kern  Chord ChartLyricsThey Didn't Believe Me chords
They Say It's Wonderful  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsThey Say It's Wonderful chords
Things Ain't What They Used To Be  Duke Ellington  Chord ChartLyricsThings Ain't What They Used To Be chords
Things We Did Last Summer, The  Cahn-Styne  Chord ChartLyricsThings We Did Last Summer, The chords
This Could Be The Start Of Something Good  Steve Allen  Chord ChartLyricsThis Could Be The Start Of Something Good chords
This I Dig Of You  Hank Mobley  Chord ChartLyricsThis I Dig Of You chords
This Time The Dream's On Me  Harold Arlen  Chord ChartLyricsThis Time The Dream's On Me chords
Three Little Words  Harry Ruby  Chord ChartLyricsThree Little Words chords
Time After Time  Jule Styne  Chord ChartLyricsTime After Time chords
Time Remembered  Bill Evans  Chord ChartLyricsTime Remembered chords
Tones For Joan's Bones  Chick Corea  Chord ChartLyricsTones For Joan's Bones chords
Tonight You Belong To Me  Rose-David  Chord ChartLyricsTonight You Belong To Me chords
Too Young To Go Steady  Jimmy McHugh  Chord ChartLyricsToo Young To Go Steady chords
Touch Of Your Lips, The  Ray Noble  Chord ChartLyricsTouch Of Your Lips, The chords
Try A Little Tenderness  Harry Woods  Chord ChartLyricsTry A Little Tenderness chords
Turn Out The Stars  Bill Evans  Chord ChartLyricsTurn Out The Stars chords
Upper Manhattan Medical Group  Billy Strayhorn  Chord ChartLyricsUpper Manhattan Medical Group chords
Very Thought Of You, The  Ray Noble  Chord ChartLyricsVery Thought Of You, The chords
Violets For Your Furs  Adair-Dennis  Chord ChartLyricsViolets For Your Furs chords
Walkin' My Baby Back Home  Ahlert-Turk  Chord ChartLyricsWalkin' My Baby Back Home chords
Waltz For Debby  Bill Evans  Chord ChartLyricsWaltz For Debby chords
Way You Look Tonight, The  Jerome Kern  Chord ChartLyricsWay You Look Tonight, The chords
We Will Meet Again  Bill Evans  Chord ChartLyricsWe Will Meet Again chords
We'll Be Together Again  Carl Fisher  Chord ChartLyricsWe'll Be Together Again chords
What A Difference A Day Made  Maria Grever  Chord ChartLyricsWhat A Difference A Day Made chords
What A Little Moonlight Can Do  Harry Woods  Chord ChartLyricsWhat A Little Moonlight Can Do chords
What A Wonderful World  Weiss-Thiele  Chord ChartLyricsWhat A Wonderful World chords
What Are You Doing New Years  Frank Loesser  Chord ChartLyricsWhat Are You Doing New Years chords
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?  Michel Legrand  Chord ChartLyricsWhat Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? chords
What Is This Thing Called Love  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsWhat Is This Thing Called Love chords
When I Fall In Love  Victor Young  Chord ChartLyricsWhen I Fall In Love chords
When It's Sleepy Time Down South  Traditional  Chord ChartLyricsWhen It's Sleepy Time Down South chords
When Lights Are Low  Benny Carter  Chord ChartLyricsWhen Lights Are Low chords
When The Saints Go Marching In  Traditional  Chord ChartLyricsWhen The Saints Go Marching In chords
When The Sun Comes Out  Harold Arlen  Chord ChartLyricsWhen The Sun Comes Out chords
When You Wish Upon A Star  Leigh Harline  Chord ChartLyricsWhen You Wish Upon A Star chords
Why Do I Love You?  Jerome Kern  Chord ChartLyricsWhy Do I Love You? chords
Will You Still Be Mine?  Matt Dennis  Chord ChartLyricsWill You Still Be Mine? chords
Willow Weep For Me  Ann Ronell  Chord ChartLyricsWillow Weep For Me chords
With The Wind And The Rain In Hair  Clare Edwards  Chord ChartLyricsWith The Wind And The Rain In Hair chords
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams  Harry Barris  Chord ChartLyricsWrap Your Troubles In Dreams chords
You And The Night And The Music  Arthur Schwartz  Chord ChartLyricsYou And The Night And The Music chords
You Better Leave it Alone  Clifford Jordan  Chord ChartLyricsYou Better Leave it Alone chords
You Brought A New Kind Of Love  Fain-Kaval-Norman  Chord ChartLyricsYou Brought A New Kind Of Love chords
You Do Something To Me  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsYou Do Something To Me chords
You Don't Know What Love Is  Raye-DePaul  Chord ChartLyricsYou Don't Know What Love Is chords
You Go To My Head  Fred Coots  Chord ChartLyricsYou Go To My Head chords
You Keep Coming Back Like A Song  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsYou Keep Coming Back Like A Song chords
You Made Me Love You  James Monaco  Chord ChartLyricsYou Made Me Love You chords
You Make Me Feel So Young  Josef Myrow  Chord ChartLyricsYou Make Me Feel So Young chords
You Must Believe In Spring  Michel Legrand  Chord ChartLyricsYou Must Believe In Spring chords
You Turned The Tables on Me  Louis Alter  Chord ChartLyricsYou Turned The Tables on Me chords
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To  Cole Porter  Chord ChartLyricsYou'd Be So Nice To Come Home To chords
You're Everything  Chick Corea  Chord ChartLyricsYou're Everything chords
You're Laughing At Me  Irving Berlin  Chord ChartLyricsYou're Laughing At Me chords
You're My Everything  Harry Warren  Chord ChartLyricsYou're My Everything chords
You're My Thrill  Jay Gorney  Chord ChartLyricsYou're My Thrill chords
Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart  James Hanley  Chord ChartLyricsZing Went The Strings Of My Heart chords
Zingaro (Retrato Em Branco E Preto)  Antonio-Carlos Jobim  Chord ChartLyricsZingaro (Retrato Em Branco E Preto) chords

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11 y 6 (Euforia)  Fito Páez  Chord ChartLyrics11 y 6 (Euforia) chords
Bella María De Mi Alma  Los Lobos  Chord ChartLyricsBella María De Mi Alma chords
Cancion Para Mi Muerte  Charly Garcia  Chord ChartLyricsCancion Para Mi Muerte chords
Como Fue (as sang by Beny More)  Ernesto Duarte  Chord ChartLyricsComo Fue (as sang by Beny More) chords
Como Fue (as sang by Luis Miguel)  Ernesto Duarte  Chord ChartLyricsComo Fue (as sang by Luis Miguel) chords
Compadre Pedro Juan  Luis Alberti  Chord ChartLyricsCompadre Pedro Juan chords
Mariposa Traicionera  Olvera Fher  Chord ChartLyricsMariposa Traicionera chords
Quizás, Quizás, Quizás  Osvaldo Farrés  Chord ChartLyricsQuizás, Quizás, Quizás chords

More Blues Exercises
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II - V - I Dur  Exercise  Chord ChartLyricsII - V - I Dur chords
II-V-I in all Keys  Exercise  Chord ChartLyricsII-V-I in all Keys chords
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Knockin On Heavens Door  Bob Dylan  Chord ChartLyricsKnockin On Heavens Door chords
Turnaround 1  Exercise  Chord ChartLyricsTurnaround 1 chords

Pink Floyd
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Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Parts I-V (p1)  Pink Floyd  Chord ChartLyricsShine On You Crazy Diamond - Parts I-V (p1) chords
Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Parts I-V (p2)  Pink Floyd  Chord ChartLyricsShine On You Crazy Diamond - Parts I-V (p2) chords
Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Parts I-V (p3)  Pink Floyd  Chord ChartLyricsShine On You Crazy Diamond - Parts I-V (p3) chords
Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Parts I-V (p4)  Pink Floyd  Chord ChartLyricsShine On You Crazy Diamond - Parts I-V (p4) chords

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At The Chime Of A City Clock  Nick Drake  Chord ChartLyricsAt The Chime Of A City Clock chords
Bring It On Home To Me  Sam Cooke  Chord ChartLyricsBring It On Home To Me chords
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe  Barry White  Chord ChartLyricsCan't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe chords
Change Is Gonna Come  Sam Cooke  Chord ChartLyricsChange Is Gonna Come chords
Come Away With Me  Norah Jones  Chord ChartLyricsCome Away With Me chords
Could You Be Loved  Bob Marley  Chord ChartLyricsCould You Be Loved chords
Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing  Stevie Wonder  Chord ChartLyricsDon't You Worry 'Bout A Thing chords
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic  The Police (Sting)  Chord ChartLyricsEvery Little Thing She Does Is Magic chords
Fields Of Gold  Sting  Chord ChartLyricsFields Of Gold chords
Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover  Paul Simon  Chord ChartLyricsFifty Ways To Leave Your Lover chords
I Believe I Can Fly  R. Kelly  Chord ChartLyricsI Believe I Can Fly chords
I Can See Clearly Now  Johnny Nash  Chord ChartLyricsI Can See Clearly Now chords
I Shot The Sheriff  Bob Marley  Chord ChartLyricsI Shot The Sheriff chords
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For  U2  Chord ChartLyricsI Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For chords
Just The Way You Are (Page 1)  Billy Joel  Chord ChartLyricsJust The Way You Are (Page 1) chords
Just The Way You Are (Page 2)  Billie Joel  Chord ChartLyricsJust The Way You Are (Page 2) chords
Knockin' On Heaven's Door  Bob Dylan  Chord ChartLyricsKnockin' On Heaven's Door chords
Light My Fire  The Doors  Chord ChartLyricsLight My Fire chords
Like A Rolling Stone  Bob Dylan  Chord ChartLyricsLike A Rolling Stone chords
Living For The City Page 1  Stevie Wonder  Chord ChartLyricsLiving For The City Page 1 chords
Living For The City Page 2  Stevie Wonder  Chord ChartLyricsLiving For The City Page 2 chords
Longest Time, The  Billy Joel  Chord ChartLyricsLongest Time, The chords
Love To Love You Less  Nikka Costa  Chord ChartLyricsLove To Love You Less chords
Love's In Need Of LoveToday  Stevie Wonder  Chord ChartLyricsLove's In Need Of LoveToday chords
Mary Jane's Last Dance  Tom Petty  Chord ChartLyricsMary Jane's Last Dance chords
Moon Over Bourbon Street  Sting  Chord ChartLyricsMoon Over Bourbon Street chords
Never Saw Blue Like That  Shawn Colvin  Chord ChartLyricsNever Saw Blue Like That chords
New York State Of Mind  Billy Joel  Chord ChartLyricsNew York State Of Mind chords
One  U2  Chord ChartLyricsOne chords
One Of These Things First  Nick Drake  Chord ChartLyricsOne Of These Things First chords
Pagan Poetry  Björk  Chord ChartLyricsPagan Poetry chords
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag  James Brown  Chord ChartLyricsPapa's Got A Brand New Bag chords
Please Send Me Someone To Love  Percy Mayfield  Chord ChartLyricsPlease Send Me Someone To Love chords
She's Always A Woman Part 1  Billy Joel  Chord ChartLyricsShe's Always A Woman Part 1 chords
She's Always A Woman Part 2  Billy Joel  Chord ChartLyricsShe's Always A Woman Part 2 chords
Son Of Mr. Green Genes  Frank Zappa  Chord ChartLyricsSon Of Mr. Green Genes chords
Still Got The Blues  Gary Moore  Chord ChartLyricsStill Got The Blues chords
Time Has Told Me  Nick Drake  Chord ChartLyricsTime Has Told Me chords
To Make You Feel My Love  Bob Dylan  Chord ChartLyricsTo Make You Feel My Love chords